A Happy New Year. . . . of Poetry

by Philip F. Clark


As the New Year enters our lives, let me wish every one of you a year filled with hope, determination, health, and reason in the face of chaos. And certainly, I hope that poetry is beside you in those things. As we look ahead and prepare for what is now the ‘unknown region’, let us be alert to the beauty and power of words to inform, convince, startle, and surprise us. Here, my constant and most loved poet — Emily Dickinson — to end one year and begin the next:

No Notice gave She, but a Change—
No Message, but a Sigh—
For Whom, the Time did not suffice
That She should specify.

She was not warm, though Summer shone
Nor scrupulous of cold
Though Rime by Rime, the steady Frost
Upon Her Bosom piled—

Of shrinking ways—she did not fright
Though all the Village looked—
But held Her gravity aloft—
And met the gaze—direct—

And when adjusted like a Seed
In careful fitted Ground
Unto the Everlasting Spring
And hindered but a Mound

Her Warm return, if so she chose—
And We—imploring drew—
Removed our invitation by
As Some She never knew—