Poetry Is Camaraderie

Just some thoughts, feeling gratitude:


When you’re in the company of poets, listening to them reading their work, and having the chance to lend your own voice to theirs, it’s a very special thing. I am grateful for the times when I can do this; and am filled with gratitude to come into the new friendship of poets I had not known before and whose work now I will follow and support. I had that experience last night in one of the most warm and welcoming gatherings of poets. You just sit back and realize, it’s really only about community — that and the great feeling of knowing it is such gatherings that foster our own work to go forward. What we make can never be in isolation — though, of course, that is where it starts. But when words on the page that we write are shared with others, and their words lend us new ideas and emotions, that is when something much deeper shows itself. Poetry is camaraderie.